Stairs And Buckets Packages

Four Unique Training Packages To Choose From

Stairs and Buckets

Video, Webinar, Training + Tools

Trainings Package

Manuals, Scripts + Templates

Processes Package

Webinar Trainings, Tool + Scripts

Lifetime Membership

The Million Dollar Membership

Stairs And Buckets

Use Stairs and Buckets to make $100,000

Try It Risk Free

Achieve perfect sales every time!

A simple 4-minute video tool to educate your team consistently.

Save time and make $100,000+ using Stairs and Buckets


Million Dollar Trainings To Take Your Agency To the Next Level

These resources form an unparalleled training bundle that addresses every aspect of agency growth and success.


Perfected Sales Processes To Cover The 7 Risks That All People Face In Life

Get Access to the best tools and get consistent repeatable results

Purchasing this package gives you the tools to cover the 7 risks that all people face in life.

Six more sales processes to add to your tool bag.


The Million Dollar Membership

Join The Club

Private two day training and networking retreat in Wyoming’s majestic mountains.

One-on-one case by case consulting with million dollar agents.

Lifetime access to all our resources now and in the future.


Insurance Agency Training and Stairs and Buckets does not have a Master Services Agreement in place with your Insurance Company. We have worked closely with your compliance department and agents are not prohibited from using our services.

Specific vendors in which your Insurance Company has an approved Master Services Agreement in place and the scope of the vendor services received are considered a company approved vendor within the scope of the agreement determined by your company.

Insurance Companies do not generally dictate what vendors and independent contractors use.  It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that the vendors they engage with do not raise concerns.

Unauthorized Vendors:  Specific vendors that your company has identified as being unauthorized for use due to the risks posed to your company by engagement with the vendor. Agents should not use an unauthorized vendor.  If an agent does use an unauthorized vendor, it could impact the relationship between the agent and their appointed companies.

Please feel comfortable and use our services appropriately!

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