Finding the Money

Use this to your advantage and help people get out of debt quicker by putting their additional hard-earned money in compound positions not in simple debt positions! Have this conversation and show them the article below, along with the stairs and buckets life insurance video:

Have you ever heard the saying that “It takes money to make money?”

How about that if you understand Interest you earn it and if you don’t understand it you pay it?

The two things we do really well here at the XXXXX Insurance Agency is help people protect their wealth and assets and help people grow their wealth and assets!”We do this by helping people put their money in smart, tax favored places that are safe!

Have you ever heard of simple and compound interest? Can you explain the difference between the two? This is how it works   explain simple interest vs. compound interest and show them the calculations on the difference by going to a debt calculator and a compound savings calculator. Why is it that 2% in a compound daily calculator can out perform a 4% debt that is calculated with simple interest?

Compound Interest is the 8th wonder of the world according to Albert Einstein.

Have a great September, happy selling!

Insurance Training Institute Educators

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