Large Premium life with FCB rider

Sale Process

Many agents shy away from selling complex insurance products like the universal life policy with a flexible care benefit rider due to a lack of understanding or confidence in how to present these options effectively to clients.

This means missing they are missing out on potential large premium cases.
By learning our approach, you can tap into a lucrative market segment, enhancing your professional profile and drastically increasing your commission opportunities.

WHy Use Our Process?

We Make Selling Medicare Supplements Easy

HIgh Demand

Learning this sales process is imperative for any agent aiming to meet the evolving needs of today’s insurance clients effectively. 

Holistic Approach

The approach focuses on a holistic view of insurance, combining life insurance with a flexible care benefit to address a significant concern for many families—long-term care. 

Clients First

By using this strategy, you can offer clients a solution that not only provides life insurance but also prepares them for potential long-term care needs without the financial burden typically associated with such care. 

Peace Of Mind

This method ensures you are not just selling a policy, but providing a comprehensive plan that enhances your clients’ financial security and peace of mind, which can significantly improve client satisfaction and retention.

No Brainer Pricing

Sale Price $250 per year

Make a strategic investment in your professional growth with our specialized training for just $250 annually.

This program equips you with the skills to navigate complex sales processes and close larger deals more effectively.

The cost of the course is minimal compared to the substantial increase in commissions you can achieve by securing large premium life insurance policies.

By investing in your development, you’re not just spending money—you’re setting the stage for significant financial returns and career advancement.

HEre is a break down of how the process works

Assess - Present - Solve


Start the conversation by asking probing questions to understand the client’s personal and family health history, their financial situation, and their future care expectations. This assessment helps in tailoring the discussion to their specific concerns and needs.


Walk through the traditional options available for long-term care—family reliance, asset depletion, and full-coverage insurance—highlighting the drawbacks and limitations of each. This sets the stage for a more appealing alternative.


Present the Flexible Care Benefit Plan as the customized solution that addresses their unique concerns. Offer to show detailed simulations and projections based on their age, health, and financial input, demonstrating how this plan is not only protective but also a financially prudent choice.


6 More sales processes to add to your Skills

StaIrs And Buckets

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Processes Package

We guide insurance agents through crucial conversations about 
long-term care, Medicare, financial understanding, and more. Our six specialized processes are tailored to address the key financial risks everyone faces at some point in their lives.


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