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Save time and make $100,000+ using stairs and buckets.

A repeatable, simple 4-minute video tool for consistently training your team.

Reasons To Use Stairs And Buckets​

Simplicity and Efficiency:

Stairs and buckets is an easy-to-understand approach, making complex financial concepts accessible.

Overcomes Challenges

Stairs and buckets overcomes the challenge of selling non-demand life insurance products.

Become an Advisor

Stairs and buckets transforms agents into trusted advisors by enabling deeper client interactions.

Saving Time Making Money

Train your team to do their jobs, saving you time and making you money.

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Successful Agents have Figured Out The Secret

Troy from Oklahoma made MDRT for the 6th time, attributing this achievement to the Stairs and Buckets training. He noted a significant increase in clients’ openness to purchasing life insurance, leading to over $500K in life premium sales last year.

Mike from South Carolina said the Stairs and Buckets training video made conversations more effective and straightforward. His team sold 70 policies in the first half of the year, totaling close to $300K in paid premium.

Joe from California sold over $225,000 in life premiums in 6 months, effective in the Asian market. Working in a large Asian market in California, he found the video training immensely helpful for his team and customers. He wishes for language adaptations in Korean and Vietnamese, as it helped sell over $225,000 in life premiums in the past 6 months.

Bill from Wyoming, in business for two years, achieved impressive results. In his second year, he generated over $150,000 in life insurance premium sales using the Stairs and Buckets sales process. Remarkably, he started his agency without a team, hiring eight new members without prior experience and trained them to perform at the highest levels.

Dave from Washington mentioned that his team uses the video weekly in training meetings, which helped them sell $165,000 in life insurance premiums in the first three months of the year.

Art from Illinois shared that his team sold over $200K in premium in the first half of the year using Stairs and Buckets. He can’t imagine operating without it now, as it has changed their approach to customers about life insurance.

Bruce, a new agent in South Dakota with 18 months of experience, used the video as a training tool for his team. It led him to lead his state in life sales, with his sales manager seeking his advice for their own improvement.

The Stairs and Buckets Advantage

Simplified Process:

Eliminates the need for agents to devise their own methods.

Consistent Use:

Employed daily, correlating with increased sales.

Customer Loyalty:​

Strengthens loyalty and transforms agents into trusted advisors.

Shift in Perspective:

Redefines insurance from an expense to an asset.

Impact on Sales:​

Consistent use leads to increased sales.

Winning Agents Use Stairs and Buckets

Will from Utah, an agent for 4 years, struggled with selling beyond term insurance until he came across the training. He now consistently sells larger whole life and universal life policies, with over $120,000 in premium last year.

Val, a remote life insurance specialist in Ohio with 18 years of experience, thanked us for the Stairs and Buckets video. With an aim to slow down, she projected 204 life applications for the next year, working Monday through Thursday. She expressed gratitude for the training, which is set to make 2024 an epic year for her production.

Paul from New Mexico wrote several life policies with good premiums, including a $137,000 FIP and a potential $200K+ IFR, all thanks to using the Stairs and Buckets approach effectively.


A young lady from Nebraska, newly initiated into the insurance business, embraced our complete training bundle. In her first two weeks, she sold 15 life insurance policies, resulting in over $80,000 in life insurance premium.

Scott in Georgia experienced remarkable success shortly after subscribing, selling 22 policies that resulted in more than $68K in premium, which was more than his total sales in the previous year.

Jeannie from Tennessee shared that following the Stairs and Buckets systems led to more sales, increased income, more death benefits, and better customer service. She expressed her love for the positive changes it brought to her and her sales team.

Phil from Arizona mentioned the significant increase in the sales of permanent policies within his company since utilizing Stairs and Buckets. He noted it as a great tool for young agents and seasoned ones, seeing a huge rise in sales.

Jen from Wyoming shared her immediate success with the first client she showed the video to. The client, interested in a ‘bucket,’ agreed to a $1,200/month 15 pay policy, the biggest Jen ever wrote.


Stairs and Buckets Video License​

Unlimited access to the Stairs and Buckets video. Four language translations included.

Training Webinar​

All access to expert lead training on how to have the Stairs and Buckets conversation.

8 Step Guide ​

A quick start guide for those who like to hit the ground running and use it straight away.


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