Complete Package Lifetime


Stairs and Buckets Lifetime License

The lifetime Stairs & Buckets video license simplifies the life insurance conversation. Watch it with your customers. Train your team members. Send it to your customers via text or email.

Agency Training Manual and Staff Handbook Bundle

The Agency Training Manual is designed to help you increase your sales and experience with customers. It covers everything from selling life insurance policies to training team members and setting appointments. Included are letter templates, word scripts and more that will enhance your success with your customers.

This staff handbook is customizable and is intended for employers to provide for their employees. It helps establish policies in your office such as vacation, time off, benefits, discrimination and so much more.



The premium bundle is designed to give you everything you need to use Stairs & Buckets to its fullest potential. All while changing your team’s performance for the better.

What’s Included?​

The Stairs & Buckets Training Package includes everything you need to light your path to success.

The Stairs and Buckets Video​​

Use it to train your team and increase their confidence. Word scripts and further team training materials that correspond to the Stairs & Buckets video can be found in the Agency Training Manual.

The Agency Training Manual​

The path to success with advanced training and word scripts from the Agency Training Manual.

The Staff Handbook​

The Staff Handbook is a basic policy booklet that agents will want for each employee