Staff Handbook


This staff handbook is customizable and is intended for employers to provide for their employees. It helps establish policies in your office such as vacation, time off, benefits, discrimination and so much more.

What is the Staff Handbook?

The Staff Handbook is a basic policy booklet that agents will want for each employee–especially when establishing expectations with new team members.

The policies

Policies outlined include items such as job roles and responsibilities, holiday and vacation benefits, compensation, security, regulations involving harassment, discrimination, and more.

The value

The biggest value found in the Staff Handbook is a “No Compete Agreement,” contracted by our legal services. This agreement, which we are giving permission for you to use and customize, would normally be a one-time $1500 attorney fee to draft for yourself. It is and has been enforced in a court of Law on a number of occasions, and is designed to protect the insurance agency and employer from inappropriate predatory practices of team members after employment has ended.

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