Stairs and Buckets

Save Time And Make More Money Using Our 4-Minute Video Sales System!

Revolutionize your life insurance sales approach with our innovative 4-minute video. Say goodbye to complexity and confusion as you effortlessly guide your clients towards the best insurance solutions. Increase your revenue, close more sales, and achieve financial success with ease. Join countless agents who have made an extra $100,000 or more annually using our proven system. Save time, make more money, and become a trusted advisor in the insurance industry. Embrace the power of the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process today and elevate your success to new heights.

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What Included?

  • Video Access: Share it with your customers and team

  • Access to the Eight Step Guide: Master the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process.

  • Send the Video to Remote Customers: Reach clients wherever they are via text or email.

  • 3-Day Free Trial: Risk-free opportunity to experience the benefits.

  • No Charge Until Day 3: Enjoy peace of mind during the trial period.

Pricing Options

Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs and unlock the power of the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process:

Lifetime Plan

$ 5999 Lifetime
  • Access to the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process video
  • One copy of the agency training manual
  • One copy of the staff handbook
  • One copy of paychecks Never Lie
  • One copy of bigger better paychecks
  • Access to all future content we publish
  • Access to all webinar trainings

Monthly Plan

$ 59
  • Access to the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process video
  • Send video via text or email
  • 3-day free trial included

Annual Plan

$ 499
  • Access to the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process video
  • Send video via text or email
  • 3-day free trial included
  • Save 31% compared to the monthly plan

Don't take my word for it, look at what other agents are saying.

I just subscribed last month and we have already sold 22 policies using your video with our existing clients. Those 22 policies equated to more than $68k in premium. More than I sold all of last year. What a great tool. I tell all my colleagues they should use this it makes our job so much more simple.
Georgia Agent
I have struggled selling much besides term insurance with my clients until I came across this training. Now I sell larger whole life and universal life consistently. This has become an effective tool in my conversations with customers. Last year we traveled and sold over $120,000 in premium and I have only been an agent for 4 years now.
Utah Agent
This video is amazing. I showed this to my first client yesterday. When we were done I explained they had a term policy that was going to go up and they said I want a bucket. When I asked them how much they could afford. They said $1200 a month. We ended up writing a $1200 a month 15 pay policy. The biggest one I’ve ever done. ON my first try. I’m a believer. Thank you for this tool.
Portrait of Jennie
Wyoming Agent

Unlock the Power of the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process Today!

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