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Selling life insurance is as easy as Stairs and Buckets

Stairs and Buckets Training

Stairs & Buckets video License

Monthly Subscription
$49.99 / month with a 3-day free trial

What can Stairs & Bucket do for you?

Simply put, Stairs & Buckets simplifies the life insurance conversation. Which leads to increased sales.

Watch it with your customers

Show the Stairs & Buckets video to your customers to help them understand how life insurance can work for them. The video is simple and intuitive for customers to understand. After watching the video they will be able to choose for themselves what coverage is best for them.

Train your team members

Use it to train your team and increase their confidence. Word scripts and further team training materials that correspond to the Stairs & Buckets video can be found in the Agency Training Manual.

Send it to your customers via text or email

Every subscription comes with the ability to send the Stairs & Buckets video to your remote customers through email or text.

Free trial

Every new subscription comes with a 3-day free trial. Cancel at any time. No hassles and no worries, you will only be charged if you continue to use the Stairs & Buckets video.

Why us

Stairs and Buckets

We are a team of insurance and financial professionals with a lifetime of success at the highest levels in our companies. Our trainings have been showcased around the globe by Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Agents. These principles have also been practiced in offices, coffee shops and around kitchen tables, helping people understand why they would want life insurance as a key part of their portfolios. We believe that life insurance is an essential tool in preparing for the future and preserving financial stability. We are dedicated to helping insurance agents empower their teams, educate their customers and improve their sales.

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