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Getting Started with Your Webinar

Accessing Your Webinar

Via Menu Link:

Navigate to the top of the page and click on the menu link labeled “Webinars” to find the list of webinars. Select the webinar you’ve purchased to access it.

Via Direct Link:

Save and bookmark the direct link provided to access your webinar quickly.

Via My Account Page:

Click on the “My Account” menu item at the top of the page. Once the page loads click on the link to the webinar you have purchased.

If you’re eager to dive in and want to watch the webinar right away, you can do so from here.

Understanding Your Webinar

Webinar Description:

TO DO: I WILL PROVIDE Get a clear overview of the webinar’s content, what you will learn, and the objectives we aim to achieve.

Recap and CliffsNotes:

TO DO: I WILL PROVIDE Utilize the provided CliffsNotes to recap crucial points and retain the information better.

Unlock More Value

Upgrade to a Lifetime Membership

TODO I WILL PROVIDE TEXT Compare the benefits of a Lifetime Membership versus monthly or yearly subscriptions, such as unlimited access to all current and future webinars, priority support, and any other perks your platform offers.

Get The Complete Webinar Package

TODO I WILL PROVIDE TEXT Explain the advantages of purchasing the complete webinar package versus individual webinars, such as cost savings, comprehensive learning, and access to exclusive content.

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