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How to Triple Your Life Insurance Sales in as Little as 10 Days.

Even if You’ve Tried Everything Else and Failed.

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Are you an insurance agent who really needs to increase your insurance sales?

Hi, my name is Ben and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how to triple your life insurance sales in as little as 10 days–even if you’ve tried everything else and failed.

Understanding The Problem with Insurance Sales

Did you know the number one reason why insurance agents struggle to grow their business is because their customers are confused about what they should do?

Here’s the real problem you face: Financial gurus like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman provide financial advice to consumers that typically conflicts with what insurance agents recommend.

This conflict creates confusion in the minds of consumers; which means they lose trust in the agent and ultimately don’t buy life insurance.

But, lucky for you there’s now a surprisingly simple solution. Let me introduce you to the Stairs & Buckets video sales system.

Stairs and Buckets Training

Stairs and Buckets

Stairs and Buckets is a simple video that you show your customers prior to them making a decision about life insurance.

The Stairs and Buckets video simplifies the life insurance conversation and practically sells the insurance policy for you.

Using the Stairs and Bucket video sales system allows you to prevent confusion in the mind of your customers; which means you’ll be seen as a more trusted and respected agent.

The Stairs and Bucket video sales system also allows you to work smarter instead of harder, which means you close more sales in less time.

Best of all, the Stairs and Bucket video sales system helps customers choose for themselves which insurance policy is best for them and they move forward with confidence in their decision.


Choose from one of the three licensing options below.

Monthly License

$ 49
Monthly Subscription
  • Watch in 4 languages
  • Send Stairs & Buckets to remote customers
  • Starter Plan

Annual License

$ 499
Yearly Subscription
  • Watch in 4 languages
  • Send Stairs & Buckets to remote customers
  • $100 savings over the monthly license

Lifetime License

$ 3999
Lifetime Access
  • $2000 in savings
  • Watch in 4 languages
  • Send Stairs & Buckets to remote customers

Ranked as one of the top 50 agents in the country and winner of the Presidents Club and Chairman’s Circle Award 29 times in the last 16 years, the creator of the Stairs and Buckets video sales system has qualified for the
“Million Dollar Round Table” each year for the last 16 years.

For the first time he shares with you the insurance sales secrets he has used to build one of the top insurance agencies in the country.

Don't take my word for it, look at what other agents are saying.

I have struggled selling much besides term insurance with my clients until I came across this training. Now I sell larger whole life and universal life consistently. This has become an effective tool in my conversations with customers. Last year we traveled and sold over $120,000 in premium and I have only been an agent for 4 years now.
portrait of will
Utah Agent
I work in a large Asian market here in California and having this video training for my team and for customers has allowed us to do an amazing job having the right conversation with my Chinese clients. I recommend everyone using this. We sold over $225,000 in life premium the past 6 months using this tool in my office. Agents that are friends of mine have all signed up and are having similar results. I recommend everyone use this!
Joe Picture
California Agent
I’ve been doing this since 1992 and found that the more I follow the systems set forth with Stairs and Buckets the more I find success. More Sales, more income, more death benefit more customers taken care of! I love what this has done for me and my sales people.
Portrait of Jennie
Tennessee Agent

Start your journey now!

When you sign up for your own Stairs and Buckets video license you get a free three-day trial to view and use the video at no charge. You can cancel anytime.

Additionally you will have the ability to send the Stairs and Buckets video to potential and existing customers via text or email.

The Stairs and Buckets video is available in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin.

After your three day free trial ends your license fee is only $49.99 per month.

This special offer won’t last long so click below and get your video license now before your competitors do.

You’ll never have to worry about closing insurance sales again. 

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