What Are Your Words Worth?

How much does a ton weigh?  What does that look like?

It’s not unusual to describe a heavy object in tonnage.

But no one has any idea how much a ton is, really. Is 250 tons a lot? How about 1000 tons, how much is that? 250 tons is 500,000 pounds. It is the weight of about 8 houses, 100,000 bricks or the weight of 21 full grown African Elephants.

A solid stack of bricks 10 x 10 by 1,000 bricks high equals 100,000 bricks. It would take you more than 2 months, working 24 hours a day, a brick a minute, to unload that many bricks.

Facts are facts, but images are what really resonate.

Selling with images and pictures tells a 1000 stories.  Make sure you use pictures and tell stories that help people visualize when you speak insurance language.

Doing so will yield strong results as your customers understand. Your conversations will become simple to have. Thus you graduate from salesman to trusted educator. 

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