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Now that you have unlocked the secrets to growing your own personal insurance sales, we have a special one-time offer to share with you that will help take your whole agency to the next level.

Did you know there are two main reasons that prevent most insurance agencies from incredible sales growth? 

The first is under-developed selling skills and the second is self-sabotaging fears and insecurities.

Your insurance company tells you to work hard and sell, sell, sell but gives you very few tools and resources to help you actually be successful at selling.

Despite the desire and long hours you work to be successful, without the selling skills, techniques and right mindset, your hard work will result in rejection, frustration and discouragement.

That is why we developed the Agency Training Manual. 

Agency training manual

Agency Training Manual

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What is the Agency Training Manual?

The Agency Training Manual is a 92-page in-depth guide that helps you build the selling skills and mindset you AND your whole team need to take your agency to the next level of growth.

Inside the Agency Training Manual you will find award-winning phone and email scripts, templates and letters you can use to schedule more appointments with your customers.

You will get access to field-tested quote intake sheets for auto and home insurance sales to win more sales from your competitors.

Additionally you also get the life insurance word scripts, guides and templates needed to sell more life insurance policies from each of your auto and fire transactions.

What else do I get?

Also, you get access to the tried and true process for conducting annual review meetings with clients as well as first meetings with new customers. 

You will get access to a step-by-step guide to selling more Medicare Supplement Plans to existing and new clients so you can grow sales from all your lines.

You will also get tips and strategies for training and coaching your team and additional support for evaluating their performance so they can reach their full potential as well.

Look at what other agents are saying about our training manual.

I’ve been in the insurance business for over 30 years. Using your training manual with my team has made a big difference in giving my team the tools needed to take our Life Insurance sales and Health sales to another level. We sell a lot more because of the step by step guide and word scripts here. Thank you
California Agent
The training manual helped us connect the dots as we use the Stairs and Buckets Video with our clients. Now we know exactly how to set the appointments, how to structure the appointment step by step to the close. The 8 step guide in the manual made us over $100k last year in new additional sales. A life saver!
Colorado Agent
Your training manual was fantastic. There is enough material in there that it will take us a year to master as we review it week by week. My team really likes the simple solid approach you take to customers. Thanks for opening up a better way for us to do a good job!
New Mexico Agent
The training manual and the staff handbook both really allowed me as a new agent to create the proper structure for running my office and training my team. We are up over 45% in new sales since using in my agency. Thank you for taking the time to put your processes in writing and sharing it with others.
Alaska Agent
he best part of the staff handbook is the legal no compete clause. I have wanted to have one in place and had to recently use it when I terminated an employee and having that in place protected us when he left.
Ohio Agent
I am a rural insurance agent that struggles to find good employees. The training manual helped me realize that I can take people that are willing to work hard and train them into super star producers. We have doubled our production this year, can you believe that with Covid and all the craziness surrounding 2020. Having tools to train your team with solid content is the reason we are having such a big year. Thank you
Idaho Agent

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Normally the Agency Training Manual retails for $997, but because you are an existing client we are happy to make it available to you, at a one-time offer, for only $249.00.

We have a limited number of hard copies of the Agency Training Manual left and when you add the Manual to your order, we will ship a hard copy to you right away.

Make the investment now into growing your selling skills and creating the mindset needed to help you AND your agency grow to the next level of success.

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