31 Rules for Working in your Agency

Remember that water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. We call this the “Minimum Effective Dose” and it is the first rule of working smart in your agency. You can boil water at 300 degrees but you still get the same result, and your extra work was for nothing. The following list of rules will help you work smarter, not harder as your learn to maximize your potential and enjoy your profession.

  1. M.E.D – Minimum Effective Dose – Work Smart not Hard!
  2. Don’t hide your work
  3. Offer help
  4. Ask for help
  5. Tell the truth
  6. Constantly upgrade your “tool set” or “skill set”
  7. Don’t hide your mistakes
  8. Add energy, don’t subtract it
  9. Share
  10. If you’re not proud of it, don’t ship it
  11. Know the rules of your craft
  12. Break the rules of your craft with intention
  13. Make big promises
  14. Keep your promises
  15. Add positivity
  16. Let others run, ever faster
  17. Let others shine brighter than you
  18. Take responsibility
  19. Learn something new
  20. Offer credit to others
  21. Criticize the work, not the worker
  22. Power isn’t as important as productivity
  23. Honor the schedule
  24. You are not your work, embrace criticism to get better
  25. Go slower, get it right
  26. Sign your work, own what you do, anything you touch
  27. Finish what you start
  28. Walk lightly
  29. Change something
  30. Don’t obsess about things, ignore perfection
  31. Get over yourself

An agency isn’t a factory. It’s where peers come together to work, to serve, to amplify each other and to protect others. That can happen in any agency, but it takes commitment.

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