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We are a team of insurance and financial professionals with a lifetime of success at the highest levels in our companies. Our trainings have been showcased around the globe by Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Agents. These principles have also been practiced in offices, coffee shops and around kitchen tables, helping people understand why they would want life insurance as a key part of their portfolios. We believe that life insurance is an essential tool in preparing for the future and preserving financial stability. We are dedicated to helping insurance agents empower their teams, educate their customers and improve their sales.

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The goal of the Foster Cannon Group is to escalate Agents   and their Team Members’ performance and confidence in selling life insurance.  Proven needs based techniques will be shared to educate attendees on how to establish and sustain an ongoing Million Dollar Round Table level of production. Our Agency Coaching will cover five areas of proven methods to help Agents and Team Members refine their skills and take their performance to the next level.

SPEED Training is a 1 day workshop focused on using Technology and Systems to run an efficient insurance agency. We combine multiple strategies from email templates (over 60 custom templates are included), BOD, books, corporate training, and more to show you how to create an outstanding customer experience without a ton of extra effort.

The TodayApp Pro is your agency’s all in one script-focused production, activity, and team management software. A platform that includes pre-loaded word tracks for both producers and customer care team members, commission calculation, production and activity tracking. The TodayApp delivers an easy, intuitive and personalized experience via web browser or mobile device. Focus your team on the goals of your agency with this highly customizable system designed to make you execute better on your systems and processes. Check us out today and find out how we can help your office.

The Risk Advisor institute offers on-demand and live training on “How to Become a Trusted Risk Advisor and turn your agency into an Automatic Marketing Machine.” Key concepts include: The best/fastest way to position you and your agency as a Trusted Risk Advisor How to weave the most powerful Client Attraction Stories into every conversation, and How to conduct the ‘Your World’ conversation Agencies that master these concepts: Close more sales Are more respected by their customers, and Get more referrals that they ever imagined

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Looking for a program that actually forces action after learning great information?  Coach P is it!  Led weekly by a multi-line President’s Club agent, Coach P has weekly training calls every Tuesday and Thursday on Zoom.  For only $250/month, you will receive behind the scenes access and training from one of the top performing agencies in the country.  Weekly calls for the agent and team, monthly Agent Only call, and on-demand access to the video library.  If you want a program that brings results, join today and be a part of the success.

Autopilot Recruiting is a continuous recruiting service where you’ll be assigned a recruiter that has been trained to recruit on your behalf every business day- year round. This recruiter will take over your CareerPlug (they build it out and optimize it to increase applicant flow), and will do everything from the assessments, to the phone interview, some video interviews, and will coordinate your in-office interviews. All you need to do is show up and give a thumbs up, thumbs down, or have “have a seat on the bench“. They will also leverage other tools and social media platforms when needed. With this continuous activity over time you should never have to worry about having capacity issues, having the wrong people in the wrong seats, being in a position where you can’t hold your team accountable- you’ll always have a deep bench and be in a position of strength.  Autopilot Recruiting is for State Farm agents that understand that recruiting is something that needs to happen regardless of their current office capacity. The service is $300/month for the ongoing recruiting service. (6 month contract) There is no additional charge when you make a hire. This service also includes coaching calls, previously recorded coaching calls and templates/guides to help agents beyond the interview.  If you go to and click the “Learn How We Can Help” tab you’ll be able to watch the demo video. Once you’ve watched this video you’ll be in a position to make an informed decision for your business.

Your 212 Coach has been coaching agents and team members for 25 years! Today, over 3,200 agents and 11,000 team members rely on their coaching for team member development, leadership, and agency advice on finding simple ways to be more efficient in their day-to-day operations. With access to the 12-week Sales and Service Academy Program, weekly group trainings, and one-on-one Coaching Calls, your agency has the opportunity to improve production and maximize results. Your 212 Coach aims to offer a personalized coaching experience focused on helping agents and their team members overcome their biggest struggles. To learn more about the program or to get started, please visit Tim Lindon created YOUR 212 COACH on the simple philosophy of improving your business one step, or one degree at a time. For twenty-five years now, Tim has positively affected over 4,500 Small Business Owners. Tim currently advises over 3,200 Agents and over 11,000 Sales Professionals on a daily basis. Most of Tim’s work is focused on the following areas: Sales and Marketing Business Management Team Development Crisis Management Vision 2030 In addition to offering multiple zoom training sessions per week, and a library with over 1,500 titles, Tim and his Team are available for one-on-one time to discuss topics of specific interest and importance to you. 

As a husband, father, salesman, and entrepreneur- continuous improvement has been an important part of my life not only to drive results but to live a more fulfilling & enriching life. I love helping people get out of their own way and into the life they want to create- both professional and personal. Because our time is so limited, I am passionate about taking consistent action every day and ensuring that happens on both the easy and hard days. I believe that high level consistency can happen with the right systems and processes in place. The team member perspective is where we get into the details about how to write more policies, make those policies worth more- all while upgrading your thinking so you can upgrade your life and, in turn, maximize the impact you will have. Visit Multiline Insurance Pro

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