Developing Your Team Skill/Hill/Will

I have a TM that “wants” and “tried” her best. She is motivated by 1) Personal encouragement.  2) Big fat bonuses 3) Learning more about the products and gaining confidence to do better.

She has been with me 18 months. She has hit minimum expectations 9 of the 12 months this year. But has only written 2 life this year. Wants to do 24 next year. I want her to hit the 24 life next year with her PC production.  How do I coach to this success??

SKILL – if your TM doesn’t have the skill… that’s on you – it is your fault, not theirs.  You are the agent, business owner and coach.   Make sure if it is a Skill issue that you hold your end of the bargain and develop the team member with the proper tools and daily training necessary to hit their goals.

HILL – this is someone who is going through something… divorce, health, depression, financial issues, death of a loved one.  If it is a hill issue you as the agent have a hard decision to make. You need to decide if you wait it out until they are through the hill, the appropriate response may be parting ways… not all hills go away, but some do…..perhaps you can help carry them during this time as well.

WILL – this is an issue of character. That is on your team member.  t is someone who does or does not put in the effort and heartbreak necessary to eventually succeed. If it is a will issue and you find them lacking then our suggestion is to cut bait and move on.

“You deserve what you accept”. If you accept TM’s who don’t have the WILL and do not care enough about your customers to write life insurance you deserve the team members who don’t write life ins. Your other TM’s see what you’ll accept and eventually they will all be at the lowest common denominator….again that is on you!

We don’t know you and we don’t know your team member…. But 2 life apps for the year sounds like a “will” issue to me. To write 2 life apps with decent PC production for the entire year, your TM can’t really care that much.   Personally, we would not put that kind of team member in front of our customers… but first you have to look in the mirror to make sure you’ve given them the necessary tools to succeed.


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