Liability Wall

Sales Process

Building long-term client relationships is a challenge when clients view their interactions with insurance agents as transactional rather than advisory.

It’s disheartening when clients see you just as a salesperson rather than the trusted advisor you strive to be. Short-term interactions rarely lead to sustained business or referrals.

Adopt a sales approach that focuses on building a ‘wall of protection’ for clients, not just selling them a policy. Our method trains you to engage clients in making informed decisions about their insurance needs

It's About Mastering Client Connections

efficiency, understanding, and lasting relationships

Three Steps is all it takes

Step 1: Tailor your review to uncover hidden risks.

Step 2: Educate your clients succinctly about their vulnerabilities.

Step 3: Offer tailored solutions that feel less like a sales pitch and more like a lifeline.

A closed Mouth doesn't get fed.

Don’t let your clients be part of this alarming statistic. Our step-by-step sales process empowers you to identify gaps, discuss critical risks, and fortify their future with a comprehensive ‘wall of protection’. Start making a difference today—because when disaster strikes, a phone call to you should be their lifeline, not a missed opportunity.

A proactive approach

Meet Sarah. Last year, she faced the unimaginable—a lawsuit that threatened her family’s future. Thanks to her agent’s proactive approach, they had added an essential coverage just months before. With our strategic 3-step sales process, we ensure you’re not just selling insurance; you’re providing peace of mind, just like Sarah’s agent did. Let’s protect every ‘Sarah’ in your client list—because you’re not just an agent, you’re a guardian.

No Brainer Pricing

Invest in Expertise: Only $250 a Year!

For just $250 annually, you can elevate your sales strategy, deepen client relationships, and streamline your processes. That’s less than a dollar a day for a proven system that grows with you and pays for itself through enhanced client satisfaction and increased sales opportunities. Dive into a transformative sales experience—invest in your success today!

HEre is a break down of how the process works

Assess - Discuss - Build

Assess: Become aware of their Needs

Begin by reviewing the client’s existing auto and home insurance policies to identify any gaps and prepare tailored suggestions.

Discuss: The 7 Major risks that all people face

Walk through the seven major risks, spending a few minutes on each to explain potential impacts and solutions, with a special focus on the often overlooked yet crucial liability risks.

Build: A wall Of Protection

Conclude by encouraging clients to think about their most pressing concerns, offering immediate solutions like the quick addition of an umbrella policy and setting the stage for ongoing support.


6 More sales processes to add to your Skills

StaIrs And Buckets

Achieve perfect sales every time!

A repeatable, simple 4-minute video tool to consistently educate your customers.

Save time and make $100,000+ using Stairs and Buckets

Processes Package

We guide insurance agents through crucial conversations about 
long-term care, Medicare, financial understanding, and more. Our six specialized processes are tailored to address the key financial risks everyone faces at some point in their lives.


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