Medicare 101 Sale Process

Webinar Training, Powerpoint Presentation

Let’s face it: Medicare can be a maze. For many insurance agents

Your clients are already overwhelmed with the changes that come with turning 65. 
Imagine having a clear, easy-to-follow PowerPoint presentation that breaks down Medicare Parts A and B and explains why Plan G is their best bet. 

WHy Use Our Process?

We Make Selling Medicare Supplements Easy

The Problem

It can be tricky explaining all the ins and outs of Medicare to folks hitting 65? It’s overwhelming!

The Challenges

Every time you try to break it down, there’s this huge risk of eyes glazing over or worse, misinformation. You need to grab their attention early, or you’re gonna lose them to confusion or competitors.

Our Our Expertly Crafted Solution

Here’s what you do: whip out our expertly crafted PowerPoint we’ve put together. It’s got everything laid out super simple. Show them the benefits of jumping on Plan G early and watch them thank you for making their lives a heck of a lot easier. Plus, you’ll look like a total pro!

No Brainer Pricing

Sale Price $250 per year

Priced so that new agents can easily afford it.

Watch our training videos often to excel.

Master the process through training and repetition.

The Medicare 101 sales process is simple and easy to follow.

Any team member can learn and use this process.

HEre is a break down of how the process works

Find - Teach - Choose

find: Strategic Client Interaction Strategy

A step-by-step process on how to proactively identify and engage with potential clients and prepare for your first meeting.

Teach: Medicare Enrollment Presentation

Utilize our tailored PowerPoint presentation to educate clients on Medicare options.
In-depth analysis of Medicare parts and the supplemental plans available.

Choose: let them CHoose

Guidance on selecting the best Medicare plan based on coverage needs and financial considerations.


6 More sales processes to add to your Skills

StaIrs And Buckets

Achieve perfect sales every time!

A repeatable, simple 4-minute video tool to consistently educate your customers.

Save time and make $100,000+ using Stairs and Buckets

Processes Package

We guide insurance agents through crucial conversations about 
long-term care, Medicare, financial understanding, and more. Our six specialized processes are tailored to address the key financial risks everyone faces at some point in their lives.


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