Making Better Tacos

In a competitive business like the local taco shop, here’s how it’s supposed to work:

  • Keep the place clean
  • Hire friendly staff
  • Make a better taco
  • Offer a fun, connected, even memorable experience

What often happens instead is that you coin some clever trademark and worry about the cost, speed of delivery, coupons and discounts, and cut corners on ingredients. Then you expand as fast as you can. You think you can make it faster and cheaper and people will like it and buy more.  

But what really happens then is that you’ve built a moat around your business, get defensive about the status quo and raced right to the bottom. You’re generic now—no  different than the others; so you fight the battles that being generic forces you to fight.

And it’s not just a business that makes tacos. It is internet access, freelance graphic design, groceries, books and automobiles; not to mention giant monopolistic taco companies—all driven to bring the price down.

When in doubt, just make better tacos. Just be better and that will be enough to make you different and sought out.

By the way if you are in search of a better taco, try these guys, they are the better taco-

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