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Transform Your Agency with the Agency Training Manual

Elevate your agency to new heights of success with the comprehensive Agency Training Manual. Streamline operations, maximize earnings, and unlock your agency's full potential. This manual provides a roadmap to excellence, equipping you with the strategies and resources needed to thrive in the competitive insurance industry. Invest in your agency's future today and position yourself as a leader in the field.

Invest in your agency's future – get your copy of the Agency Training Manual now!

The Agency Training Manual is your ultimate resource for success. Discover comprehensive strategies and expert guidance to enhance every aspect of your agency's operations. From effective team management and clear communication guidelines to advanced sales techniques and a customer-centric approach, this manual covers it all. Empower your team, set clear expectations, and build a thriving agency culture that delivers exceptional service to your valued clients. Don't wait to take action – equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to excel.

  • Streamline your agency's operations for maximum efficiency.

  • Enhance team management and foster a collaborative work environment.

  • Develop advanced sales skills and techniques to boost earnings.

  • Establish a customer-centric approach for outstanding client experiences.

  • Gain a competitive edge in the insurance industry and achieve extraordinary results.

About The Author

The Agency Training Manual is authored by industry experts with extensive experience in the insurance field. Their qualifications, knowledge, and expertise have been instrumental in helping agencies achieve remarkable success. The manual reflects their years of experience and proven strategies.

Ranked as one of the top 50 agents in the country and winner of the Presidents Club and Chairman’s Circle Award 29 times in the last 16 years, the creator of the Stairs and Buckets video sales system has qualified for the
“Million Dollar Round Table” each year for the last 16 years.

For the first time he shares with you the insurance sales secrets he has used to build one of the top insurance agencies in the country.

Don't take my word for it, look at what other agents are saying.

The Agency Training Manual transformed our agency's operations. It provided us with actionable strategies to optimize our processes and deliver exceptional service to our clients.
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Utah Agent
We implemented the techniques from the Agency Training Manual, and the results were remarkable. Our team is more motivated, our communication is streamlined, and our profits have soared.
John T.
California Agent
This manual is a game-changer. It covers all aspects of agency success and provides practical resources to achieve excellence. It's a must-have for every agency looking to thrive in the industry.
Portrait of Jennie
Lisa S.

Streamline operations, maximize earnings, and unlock your agency's full potential. Order the Agency Training Manual today and lead with excellence!

Table Of Contents

Section 1: Your Why
50 Habits of Successful People
10 Characteristics of Average People
Rules for a Successful Agency
10 Commandments for Effective Sales
Team Statement
Our Philosophy

Section 2: Telephone & Email Skills
19 Shocking Statistics That Will Change the Way You Sell
Telephone Skills
10 Opening Phrases to Use in Your Next Email
Phone Answering
Annual VIP Phone Script
Company Fax Numbers for Cancellation Requests

Section 3: Lapse/Can Strategies
Win-back Letter Template
Win-back Call Script
Leave the Lights on Letter Template

Section 4: Auto + Home
Previous Insurer Cancellation Request
Auto Quote Intake Sheet
Letter to Preferred Service Shops
Special Personal Property Limits
Home/Rental Dwelling/Rental Intake Sheet

Section 5: Liability
Sample State Statute
Liability Limits Conversation Approach

Section 6: Life
How to Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam
How to have Permanent “Bucket” Conversations with Clients
How to have Term “Stair” Conversations with Clients
Combating Dave Ramsey & Suzy Orman “Buy Term & Invest the
8-Step Discussion Guide
Life Insurance Appointment Phone Script
Selling Life off of Auto & Fire Transactions
What is the Max amount of Life Insurance that can be issued?
What can a Person Afford?
Letter to Attorney Template

Section 7: Health
How to sell Medicare Supplement Plans

Section 8: F.O.R.M.
Process for Annual Financial Reviews with Customers

Section 9: Characteristics & Competencies
Agent/Team Competency Evaluation
40 Days To Training Your Team Members

Section 10: Partner Resources
Resource Library


Working in today’s 21st-century insurance agency requires a unique skill set. Insurance Agents need to work SMART not just HARD. Your companies tell you to go, go, go and sell, sell, sell; but give you little tools or relief to do the heavy lifting required to be successful. This training manual is the beginning of a tool kit you can use to organize yourself, create the correct vision and get the right actions going to enjoy your job, do it well and make a lot of money in the process.

Did any of you take Chemistry in High School or College? If so you will have learned that water boils at 212 degrees. You also know that water isn’t more boiled at 250 degrees or 300 degrees. If you took Physics you learned about Newton’s Law of Diminishing Returns”, which states that more effort does not necessarily equate to more results. There is a point where more heat doesn’t mean that the water is more boiled. It still is just “boiled” and the extra effort or energy was wasted. Water boils at 212 degrees. So rather than waste more energy, just use the right amount of energy to get the job done you are tasked at doing, which is boil water. The same goes with selling. There is a hard way to do it that will make you average at best; or there is a SMART way of doing it that can help you and your team be very successful. Let’s figure out what the right amount of energy is so your efforts are never wasted.

The following material is designed to help you get your mind right. It is important to understand your “Why” before you understand your “What”. Start with what makes you tick. What do you believe and how does that affect how you approach cold calls, internet leads, referral partners, sales leaders, employees, and the host of other things that ask for your attention? Once you have created your list of “Ism’s” or “Commandments” or your “Code”—whatever you call it, you can then begin to dial down on what need to be done and how you are going to get there.

This manual will not cover everything, but it is enough to help you get headed in the right direction and create motion on your part. There are better days ahead. Start with this and commit to being a student for life. No knowledge is wasted knowledge unless you don’t put it into action!

Welcome to the team,
Insurance Agency Training Educators

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