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7 Part Webinar Series

Master the Art of Insurance Sales

Are you ready to elevate your insurance sales game? Our seven-part webinar series is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the insurance industry. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, these webinars will empower you to boost your sales and grow your agency.


  • Stairs And Buckets 8-Step Guide To Selling Life Insurance

    Discover the proven system for success in life insurance sales.

  • Mastering Medicare Supplement Sales

    Learn the ins and outs of selling Medicare supplements effectively.

  • Selling Large Premium Life With The FCB Rider

    Uncover the secrets to selling high-premium life insurance policies.

  • Finding The Money

    Talking money, finding money and saving money. A simple three step Process to helping customers save and invest in their future

  • Protect And Participate

    How to help grow our wealth and keep it safe at the same time. Discussion also includes the two types of debt preferred and non preferred debt as well as a powerful conversation about how simple and compound interest works.

  • Helping Customers Understand Money And How To Make It

    Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar

  • The Liability Wall

    How to discuss then calculate a persons need for liability and then a two step process that sells large life and disability off of this conversation.

Supercharge Your Success - Full Series Package: $1299

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Individual Webinars: $250 Each

Stairs & Buckets Sales Process 1/7

Stairs and Buckets 8-Step Guide to Selling Life Insurance

Recorded Aug 17, 2023

Medicare Sales Process 2/7

Mastering Medicare Supplement Sales

Recorded Sept 22, 2023

Premium Life Sales Process 3/7

Selling Large Premium Life with the FCB Rider

Recorded Nov 3, 2023

Finding The Money Sales Process 4/7

Finding The Money

Recorded Dec 1, 2023

Protect And Participate Sales Process 5/7

Protect and Participate

To Be Annonced

Understanding Money Sales Process 6/7

Understanding Money

To Be Annonced

The Liability Wall Sales Process 7/7

The Liability Wall

To Be Annonced

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