Truth–What Does it Sound like?

When someone tells you what you need to hear, instead of what you’d like to hear, you’ve found someone priceless.This takes care, generosity and guts.

When you offer this gift to someone else, it might  be received in different ways. Many of us enjoy hearing the glowing, flattering words that make us feel better—but be careful. When we hear something that is less than flattering we react defensively; and if we extend this same type of truth to others it it may seem unappreciated even rejected.

But you didn’t offer it to be appreciated. Truth doesn’t run a popularity contest. Truth comes from a deep place of caring and conviction. Therefore, those courageous enough to speak the truth are pearls of great price.

Remember, trust and truth always go hand in hand. If you spoke the truth because you care enough, then you will make a difference and make things better.

Be truthful with your team. Be truthful with your customers. Be truthful with yourself. It’s best to devote that energy to people and causes that can run with it.

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