We talk too much – next time just yell duck!

We talk too much and say too much in the sales world! Did you know today a social media user sees 54,000 words a day on social media platforms alone?

It’s painful and we feel it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We could change a great deal if all of us committed today to stop being the Knight on the Horse.

What does that mean? Stop talking so much. Be brief and ask the right questions and use plain language. We must write clearer, make our communication short, informal and less technical and tell visual stories. The visual words you use, like Stairs and Buckets will say a thousand things.

And the next time you need to create an email or make a call or sit down for a Life Insurance appointment, remember the tip from the honored knight, proud champion of bravery and brevity: Say less and convey more. And don’t forget to Duck!

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