What Defines Your Agency?

We’ve had some of our top agents share their secrets to success. Take notes and see what you can do to take your agency to the next level starting this month!

  1. Deep Practice – Meet everyday as a team and practice before you perform. We practice and practice facing objections and resolve concerns daily, we master our word scripts and processes, by practicing each product line for a full week before moving on to new line.  Get it in the marrow of our bones…..”We practice hard so the game is easy!”
  2. 4 –day workweek – free, focus and buffer days. Burnout comes from complexity, effort, stress and being overworked.  Just like an athlete needs an off-season to rest and recuperate the body and the mind – we need time to rejuvenate and do the things we love with the people we love, time away from the office makes us capable of doing better when we are here and reduces burnout… Monday through Thursday 8:00 to 5:30 – 52 long weekends a year for you and your team.
  3. “The Slight Edge” – Everyone should read this book by Jeff Olsen– we embrace our efforts and failures, know they lead to successes…..”Chop wood, Carry Water” – We fail forward…
  4. Stairs and Bucketsinsuranceagencytraining.org  – simplicity in Life Insurance allows for other financial doors to open both personally and professionally with products and deeper relationships with clients
  5. Spend your marketing money with a face, big agent name xxxxx, and a little company logo and company name……you don’t need to brand your company you need to brand and market YOU.  Community events, children’s programs,  local billboards and wrapped vehicles magnify the feeling of presence in the community. Exclusivity is key; do not spend money on internet leads, direct mail, online advertising—except for google reviews and facebook posts, ask for those!
  6. You must have a mindset, a tool kit, and a skill set – what is yours?

               Video Clips to share with your team….

You Tube “Herding Cats” – complexity of our job….

You Tube “Broken Escalator”  who are we waiting for to fix out problem

You Tube “Championship Mindset” – Trent Shelton

You Tube “What do you Believe” – Michael Jr.

You Tube – “Just Do it” – Art Williams

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