3 Tips on Connecting with Customers Remotely

With a pandemic still at large, many are feeling the effects of COVID-19 in both their personal lives and their businesses. At Insurance Agency Training we want to help you connect with your customers better than ever. Check out our three tips for connecting with customers remotely:
1. Setting the Appointment
It’s hard to sell things to people if you’re not seeing them face to face. Phone appointments can be hard to communicate complex ideas. The first step is staying in contact with your customers. Print a list of everyone in your office that already has life insurance as a starting point and call them to do annual reviews of their policies. There are templates in our Agency Training Manual for how to set these appointments as well as how to conduct them effectively!
2. Help the Customer Visualize Stairs & Buckets
A great new tool we’ve implemented is our remote-viewing option. All of our customers were automatically upgraded to this feature! You can send your customer a link via text or email which allows them to see the Stairs & Buckets video prior to, during, or following your appointment with them. Now they can visualize what you are trying to sell! Our agents who are utilizing this feature can’t say enough good things about their closing ratios with this tool.
3. Closing the Sale
After you’ve used the discussion guides and remote-viewing option to carry out an effective appointment with your customer, it’s your job to close the sale! Remember this phrase at the end of the video: “How would you like me to proceed?” You’ve just shown them two great options with pros and cons; now they can tell you their number and you do what you can with that number! Remember to follow up and set review appointments each year for current life insurance customers. They will realize that what you are teaching them is not only something they need, but want!
Happy Selling this November!
Insurance Agency Training Educators
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