Don’t Pee in the Pool

For generations, people dumped their junk into the Hudson River. The river was so large and so swift that they assumed that the garbage wouldn’t come back to haunt them.

Of course, it did, killing the oyster beds and poisoning the public water system.

How big does a body of water have to be before we forget that we’re swimming in it? That it all comes around…

Why are we are okay with yelling at a family member, but not our neighbor? Unfortunately we abuse the people that should matter most to us, but not those next door or around the corner.…

It turns out that the pool/river/tub that we live in is far smaller than it seems. The culture of the place we work, the vibe of the community where we live…it’s all more connected than we realize.  

Be kind to everyone you interact with. Leave them all better than you found them. Realize that most people are carrying some kind of a heavy load. Though people won’t always remember what you say, they will always remember how you made them feel. Most people do business with those they like and trust. Go be that person and teach your team to do the same!

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