Master Your Craft

When it comes to becoming an expert in any given field, most people believe that they just have to put in the time. But, just putting in long working hours and doing the same thing over and over again can take you nowhere. They say that “smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.”

To master your craft, deliberate practice is demanded. Practice with the purpose of improving your performance in each niche of your specific skill. You did not wake up this morning to just be mediocre. So, remember that difficult experiences strengthen a person.

Dan Coyle in the book “The Talent Code” talks about what he calls the 10,000-hour rule. To become an expert in your field requires time and attention that others are unwilling to commit. Use this concept to become a Master of your sea. Your tireless and relentless approach to selling life insurance, training yourself and your team and using these tools, will only give you greater results over time. Go be deliberate!

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