Shaping Attitudes and Increasing Sales, One Word at a Time.

Our words have the power to change opinions, shape attitudes, teach and empower. In fact, asking the right questions is at the heart of what insurance agents do. Claude Levi Strauss said, “The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s one who asks the right questions.”

  1. What do THEY Want?

Nothing matters more in a business than understanding one’s customers. It’s important to understand not what you want from them, but what they inherently want and need. Because most people are largely motivated more by what they want rather than what they need, it is important that agents and team members get to the heart of what is important to the customer by asking the right questions at the right time.

  1. What are the Right Questions?

When discussing Life insurance, the two most important questions that you must ask a customer before proposing any quotes or policies to them are: “How long do you want your Life insurance to last?” and “What can you afford?”

Our industry has been focused so much on “L-I-F-E and a Life Needs Analysis” in which agents try to tell customers what they need and talk them into buying more.  We must not forget this fundamental fact: Life insurance is a want product and a love product. The agents that spend their time focusing on needs only end up working really hard at being average.  If you want to be excellent in this business, then focus on wants!

  1. Magnify Your Results With Timing

We know that we need to exercise every day.  And we know that we need to eat better if we are going to lose weight and stay healthy. BUT we want that bowl of ice cream and we want to sleep in that extra hour. We want to watch the ball game instead of going for a run.  If you are human, we’re willing to bet that you also let your wants drown out your needs, getting most of your attention and priority.

In short, words matter. When, what and how you say something will leave a lasting impression on a customer.  Before proposing any type of policy or quote, make sure you know how long they even want a policy.  As you watch this video below, look for where these questions are strategically placed. Asking at the wrong time will diminish your results. Ask at the right time, your results will be magnified. 

Have a good day and happy selling!

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