Where are you headed? It’s no April Fool’s Joke… 

Traffic at work isn’t just a metaphor. It’s real. Just like the traffic jam you get caught in on your way to work, we all get stuck. Sometimes surrounded by people who are just as stuck is a problem. It can seem like progress is at a crawl.

But what if we see a different way, a short cut? Someone finds a lane we didn’t even know existed. Quickly, they’re joined by a few others, a cohort that’s making a difference and moving precisely where they want to go.

All around us, there are people who want to protect the status quo, while others are on a path to a new level. Some careers are about checking boxes while others set people up to draw the boxes and sit in them.

This blog, of course, is for people who want to do work that matters. It might be a more difficult route, but it’s worth it and it produces results.

This work of leveling up involves pushing past perceived limitations, understanding that they’re not real. And it involves surrounding yourself with people on a similar journey.

“What’s required here?” is the question we are taught to ask. This is the loyal employee and the reliable cog, meeting spec and data analyst.

“What is the opportunity here?” is a totally different question. It’s about contribution and forward motion, not simply compliance.

The Insurance Training Institute was created to help people see more clearly, make better decisions and engage the skills that truly matter. Keep going, don’t get stuck, this is a new and better and easier path for those willing to get out of the traffic jam and find a new way!

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