Stairs and Buckets

Save Time And Make More Money Using Our 4-Minute Video Sales System

Our 4-minute video simplifies the life insurance sales process into an easy-to-follow format that will allow anyone to make an extra $100,000 every single year, or even more.


The Insurance Agency Training Bundle​​

Skyrocket sales, empower your team, and achieve unparalleled success.​​

Discover the ultimate solution to skyrocket your sales, empower your team, and achieve extraordinary success. Our exclusive Sales & Training Bundle includes the Stairs and Buckets Video Sales Process License, Agency Training Manual, and Staff Handbook. This comprehensive bundle unlocks unparalleled results for your agency. Don’t waste another moment – take action now and supercharge your success. Transform your agency’s growth and profitability with this game-changing bundle.

Stairs and Buckets Video Licence & 8 Step Guide

Simplify life insurance sales, save time, and boost earnings with our 4-minute video system.​

Our 4-minute video simplifies the life insurance sales process into an easy-to-follow format. Watch the 45 second preview below to get a feel for the Stairs and Buckets video.

Save time and make more money with our 4-minute video sales system. Simplify the life insurance sales process and unlock the potential to earn an extra $100,000 or more every year. This powerful resource revolutionizes the way insurance agents approach sales, providing an easy-to-follow format and empowering you to have confident and effective conversations about stairs and buckets. Accompanied by an eight-step guide and word script, this video is your key to successful life insurance sales. Start your journey to unparalleled success with the Stairs and Buckets Sales Process today.

Training Video
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Agency training manual

The Agency Training Manual

Streamline operations, maximize earnings, and unlock your agency's full potential.

Transform your agency with our powerful Agency Training Manual. This essential resource is your key to streamlining operations, maximizing earnings, and unlocking your agency’s full potential. Inside the manual, you’ll find proven strategies and expert guidance covering every aspect of agency success, from effective team management to enhancing sales skills and fostering a customer-centric approach. Empower your team, set clear expectations, and build a thriving agency culture that delivers exceptional service. Invest in your agency’s future today and unlock the secrets to lasting success.

The Staff Hand Book

Equip your team for success with seamless onboarding and ongoing excellence.

Equip your team for success with our indispensable Staff Handbook. This comprehensive tool ensures seamless onboarding of new team members and ongoing excellence for your existing staff. Discover the power of meticulously crafted policies, procedures, and guidelines that empower your team to operate efficiently, communicate effectively, and excel in providing exceptional service. From clarifying responsibilities to fostering a collaborative work environment, our Staff Handbook optimizes productivity, maintains consistency, and drives outstanding client experiences. Invest in the Staff Handbook today and unleash the full potential of your team.

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paycheck never lie

Pay Checks Never Lie

Uncover the secrets to winning paychecks and financial prosperity.

Learn the secrets to winning and making money as an insurance agent or business owner with “Paychecks Never Lie: How Great Insurance Agents and Business Owners Win” by Randy Thompson. Drawing on his vast experience, Thompson shares invaluable insights and key concepts to help you work smarter, define your purpose, master the sales process, and understand the importance of truth and numbers in your business. This transformative book provides practical strategies and a roadmap to success, guiding you toward profitable practice sessions, effective scheduling, and achieving your financial goals. Get ready to unleash the power of winning paychecks and take your business to new heights.

Bigger Paychecks Better Paychecks

Dive into the habits and mindset of highly effective individuals.

Dive into the habits and mindset of highly effective individuals across various aspects of life, from relationships to business. “Bigger Paychecks, Better Paychecks: Secrets of the Highly Effective” by Randy Thompson presents foundational habits that elevate performance and maximize paychecks. With over 20 years of experience coaching business owners, coaches, and athletes, Thompson shares practical insights and strategies to help you achieve excellence. Delve into the habits of winners, improve your paychecks, and unlock your full potential.

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  • This video is amazing. I showed this to my first client yesterday. When we were done I explained they had a term policy was going to go up and they said I want a bucket. When I asked them how much they could afford. They said $1200 a month. We ended up writing a $1200 a month 15 pay policy. The biggest one I’ve ever done. ON my first try. I’m a believer. Thank you for this tool.

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  • This has made my job so much easier with my team. They use this video weekly in training meetings to sharpen their own skills so they can have better conversations with our customers about Life Insurance. It especially helps the new agents and team members that just need a little help to get over the hump and taste success. We sold $165,000 in Life Insurance Premiums in the first three months this year using this as our primary tool. I love it.

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  • “Stairs and Buckets” is the best thing I have done for my team’s production. They have sold over $200k in premium in the first half of this year. My team is really good at using this now and I can’t imagine not having it, this really has changed the way we approach customers about Life Insurance. We highly endorse and recommend this to everyone in the business!

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  • Since moving into management with my company I have helped my agents work to perfect the conversation they have with customers. We have seen a huge increase in the sales of permanent policies with my company as we have utilized Stairs and Buckets into our Reviews with all our agents and their existing customers. Great new tool for young agents and us seasoned ones. This is worth every cent you pay for access. Million in fact!

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  • I have struggled selling much besides term insurance with my clients until I came across this training. Now I sell larger whole life and universal life consistently. This has become an effective tool in my conversations with customers. Last year we traveled and sold over $120,000 in premium and I have only been an agent for 4 years now.

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  • I love your training video. In the past 20 years nothing has made having the conversation more effective and straight to the point as what this does. We have sold 70 policies in the first half of the year and close to $300k in paid premium using this while meeting with our existing clients and showing them the value of a Bucket policy. This video shows why someone would want life insurance not just why they need it. Thank you for a very useful tool!

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  • I just made MDRT for the 6th time this year and it is all due to using this Stairs and Buckets training. It's not hard or awkward to talk about life insurance with our clients and they seem so much more open to purchasing life insurance because they now want what it does. Thanks for making it simple for our customers to understand. We sold a little over $500k in life premium last year using your tool.

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  • I just subscribed last month and we have already sold 22 policies using your video with our existing clients. Those 22 policies equated to more than $68k in premium. More than I sold all of last year. What a great tool. I tell all my colleagues they should use this it makes our job so much more simple.

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  • I just want to let you know that between yesterday and today my Team has written 4 life policies with good premium and I just wrote a $137,000 FIP and have another IFR this afternoon to put $200K+ into another FIP!!! The Team is using the stairs and buckets and it’s totally working!!! So cool how well it works at the TM level and the client level! Thanks

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  • I am a new agent in South Dakota with a little more than 18 months under my belt. I ran across your video and started using it with my team as a training tool. They were able to capture the essence of your message and use it in conversations with our clients. In the last year I went from knowing very little to having my Sales Manager asking me for my ideas because I was leading our State in Life Sales. After he viewed this himself he told me he was going to have every one of his agents start using it. Thanks for the tool, I hope there are others coming. I feel better about selling Life Insurance now that I understand the fundamentals of both short term and long term coverage. I made over $200,000 last year selling life insurance.

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  • I work in a large Asian market here in California and having this video training for my team and for customers has allowed us to do an amazing job having the right conversation with my Chinese clients. I wish I could get this in Korean and Vietnamese as well. I recommend everyone using this. We sold over $225,000 in life premium the past 6 months using this tool in my office. Agents that are friends of mine have all signed up and are having similar results. I recommend everyone use this!

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  • I’ve been doing this since 1992 and found that the more I follow the systems set forth with Stairs and Buckets the more I find success. More Sales, more income, more death benefit more customers taken care of! I love what this has done for me and my sales people.

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